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JSCo “UBAK” has more than 50 years of experience in construction machinery. We are always striving to find a solution to the unsolvable and to look for the best solutions for our customers.

The quality and satisfied client - these are priorities that we're not changing during this time. For your convenience, there is a search filter, which for a few minutes you can select the desired crane. We are always glad to help.
One of our key advantages is planning of the installation and assembly of cranes and further letting them out for rent for construction work.

Transportation of cargos.


Rental of cranes

The company offers transportation of various cargos.

The transportation company uses the most advance transportation automation systems. Rely on our experience of more than 50 years. More

We offer repair of all types of construction machinery, from cranes to trucks.

The most advanced equipment and the high level of the knowledge and skills of our employees allow you to safely trust our machinery for many years, which is a success of ours. More

Cranes – our business card. You will find many various crane models on our webpage.

A tool you will find useful is the search filter enabling you to find the crane you require within just a few seconds. We are always ready to assist you. More

Panorama Plaza
Ventspils street 60/68

Multi-functional, multi-storey shopping and offices complex

Saules Akmens
Ganibu dambis 1a, Riga
The bigest bank in Latvia
Tomson Terases
Brivibas 142a, Riga

A new complex of residential buildings – one of the most interesting and unusual construction designs

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